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Once you have completed your first tandem skydive in Tennessee and are ready to take your skydiving to the next level, or if you want your first skydive to be as free as possible, our Nashville Skydiving School courses can have you jumping solo in no time! Call American Skydiving Network NOW at 931-455-4574 for more information on our Tennessee Accelerated Freefall Skydiving training programs!

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Tandem Progression
The Alternative to the 7 Level AFF Progression.

Nashville Skydiving School - Tandem ProgressionLevel One: The first level is designed to introduce you to the Arch body position, freefall turns, altitude awareness, deploying the main parachute, and canopy control. the advantage to this progression method is that you have an instructor there with you for the entire freefall and parachute ride. During the canopy (parachute) portion of your skydive, the instructor will provide you with a practical understanding of canopy procedures as you perform the maneuvers.

Level Two: This next level provides you with the opportunity to control more pronounced freefall turns and greater freefall stability. You will be required to wave off and deploy your main parachute at 5,000 feet. You will then assist with your landing.

Level Three: You will now be introduced to advanced heading maintenance, controlled 360 degree freefall turns, forward movement while in freefall, and canopy deployment.

After level three, you enter the Tennessee Accelerated Freefall program at level 4 following your Nashville Skydiving School AFF 6 hour ground school.

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Nashville Skydiving School
When a Tandem Skydive just isn't enough!

Call Our Nashville Skydiving Experts at 931-455-4574 and start your training today!

Nashville Skydiving SchoolOnce you graduate from one of the following USPA approved training programs, you will be ready for your first solo dive high above Nashville! One of the many benefits of becoming a solo skydiver is that licensed skydivers jump for as little as $40! Why wait any longer? Let Skydiving in Nashville help you start your skydiving training today!

The most common training program in Nashville is the Accelerated Free Fall Seven Level Progression but many vendors also offer the optional Tandem Progression training course. The following describes these two advanced skydiving training programs...

Accelerated Free Fall Seven Level Progression
The most popular Skydiving Training Method in Tennessee!

Nashville Skydiving SchoolYour Nashville Skydiving School training course will start your Tennessee skydiving experience off with a detailed 6 to 8 hour series of lessons which cover everything you need to know for your first descent from 10,000 - 15,000 feet. Every additional skydive comes with an additional class to help you learn new skills and prepare you for the jump.

Level One: After you complete your Nashville Skydiving School ground training, you are assigned to two USPA-rated Tennessee instructors who guide you through your first skydive. The instructors remain with you during freefall, give you hand signals to correct body position, maintain awareness and make sure you open your parachute on time.

Level Two: After 45 minutes to one hour of ground instruction, your two Nashville skydiving instructors give you hand signals to tell you how to move your legs and get into the positions they ask. You are expected to open your own canopy in a stable position at the proper altitude.

Level Three: 45 minutes of ground preparation in which your instructor reviews your original ground training and drills you on emergency procedures and simple safety practices starts this course. You will learn how to turn in the air by changing the positions of your arms, upper body and legs. Two Nashville Skydiving School instructors jump with you and give you hand signals to turn in both directions, while they follow your movements.

Level Four: Emergency procedures and safe practices are re-emphasized. Forty-five minutes with your instructor prepares you to maintain your heading to avoid spinning and fall straight down. You jump with a single instructor who lets go of the harness grip during freefall once you are stable. You pick a heading on the Tennessee horizon and use a combination of your arms, upper body and legs to maintain your position. The Nashville Skydiving School instructor will "re-dock" to help you relax and and give you hand signals to correct body position when needed.

Accelerated Freefall Skydive in NashvilleLevel Five: In about 45 minutes of ground preparation your Nashville Skydiving School instructor teaches you to combine arm, body and leg movements to make 360 degree left-hand and right-hand turns and stop without an instructor gripping your harness. One instructor exits the airplane with you. Once you become stable, your instructor lets go and you pick a heading. He will then give you hand signals to perform turns.

Level Six: During your 45 minute instruction at your Nashville Skydiving School, you will learn how to do a back loop which makes you unstable on purpose. Using the skills you learned in all the previous levels, you should be able to right yourself and become stable once more. You will exit the airplane high above Tennessee with no instructor gripping your harness. Once you become stable, the instructor flies in front of you and hand-signals you to back loop. Your instructor observes while you perform the maneuver and come back to a stable position.

Level Seven: In 45 minutes of ground training, you are taught to regulate the speed of your fall rate and to re-dock on another skydiver. This is called relativeness. You will also be taught a survival skill called "tracking" that allows you to fly horizontally away from other jumpers before you open your parachute. This will be your first solo jump and your "final exam" at your Nashville Skydiving School. You will make a diving exit from the airplane and you will demonstrate your newly acquired skydiving skills. Congratulations!

Call Our Nashville Skydiving Experts at 931-455-4574 and start your training today!

Regulations may prohibit skydiving within city limits and suburbs. Local skydiving affiliates are conveniently located near Nashville, Tennessee but not within city limits.